Many Countries Start Researching and Legalizing Marijuana

About 58 percent of the United States believes that marijuana must be legalized. Meanwhile, 39 percent still consider marijuana to be illegal. The same survey also showed that around 38 percent of Americans claimed to have tried marijuana. With the changing perceptions of society, plus studies on the use of marijuana for medical purposes, there has been an urge to legalize marijuana in many states. Most of the supporters of this movement are young people. Young groups of 18 to 29 years old, around 67 percent consider marijuana to be legal. While those aged 30 to 49 years, about 62 percent believe that marijuana should be legalized. The movement to legalize marijuana does not only occur in the United States. Counting there are at least 18 other countries that also legalize marijuana. Starting from Canada, Czech, Chile, the Netherlands, Uruguay, Romania, France, to Colombia, which legalized marijuana for certain purposes. From medical to research. “Our goal is to enable patients to access safe, quality and easily accessible treatments. The legalization of marijuana also opens opportunities for scientific research in our country,” said Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. Meanwhile, marijuana in some countries is still illegal especially in asian countries. Thailand now has legalized the use or marijuana for health only.

There is still strict rule in Asian countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Indonesia and others. They have their own reason why it is still restricted and could be punished as owning marijuana could be a crime. It is different from some countries in America like Columbia, Mexico, Canada and US. Canada recently supports the researchs on the use of marijuana. It is always essential for government to support the research so there will be clear line that marijuana is super recommended to cure some diseases that may be hard to be recovered due to the complicated problems inside human’s body. Not all diseases could be cured by marijuana, but there is hope for people who have severe illness could be recovered just by consuming marijuana based on doctor’s guide. You can go to online dispensary in Canada for buying cheap weed online. You can go to and choose what budget buds you need. Don’t worry as they also have guides to what marijuana should be chosen. Don’t be confused and worried about it, just buy to treat your health’s problem. If you think, you need more discussion with your doctor before you buy, just do to make everything better with doctor’s discussion and their permission.

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